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Posts from January 2014

Favorite "Guilty Pleasure" Driving music!

A survey by Insurance.com also asked 2,000 people what they consider to be their "guilty pleasure" to listen to while driving.  In other words, stuff that they SECRETLY LOVE jamming out to in the car. Any of these on your “Secret” list? ~Dennis
Here's the Top 10:
1.  Bruno Mars, 12%
2.  Taylor Swift, 12%
3.  Lady Gaga, 11%
4.  Journey, 9%
5.  Katy Perry, 9%
6.  Coldplay, 8%
7.  Justin Bieber, 7%
8.  Madonna, 6%
9.  NPR (National Public Radio), 6%  (???)
10.  Rush Limbaugh, 5%
An overall breakdown for men and women wasn't provided, but the site notes that the most-popular "write-in" choices for WOMEN were "gospel music" and EMINEM, and the most-popular write-ins for MEN were ADELE and TUPAC.

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Six of the most Stress FREE jobs for the new year

  Most jobs come with SOME stress.  But here's a list of the six professions that are supposedly the LEAST stressful! ~Dennis
1.  University Professor.  Obviously it takes a long time to get there, but once you've gotten tenure . . . you're basically guaranteed that position for life.  The median salary is $62,000 a year.
2.  Medical Lab Technician.  They can work at their own pace, they're away from the annoying problems in your typical office environment, and the median salary is $47,000 a year.
3.  Audiologist.  These are the people who take care of the hearing impaired.  Apparently it's one of the most sought-after careers?  Most audiologists get to run their own practice, and it pays around $66,000 a year.
4.  Dietician.  Since there's a huge demand for diets, there's a lot of job security in this one.  And your clients are a diverse group.  The median salary is $55,000 per year.
5.  Librarian.  You're in a quiet, peaceful environment all day.  And if anybody messes that up . . . you get to "shush" them.  All for $55,000 a year. :)
6.   Drill Press Operator.  If you're going to operate heavy equipment, this is one of the jobs with the least amount of danger.  It pays $32,000 a year.
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