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Posts from December 2013

The Top 25 Showbiz Stories of 2013

These are the top 25 showbiz storiesof 2013. ~Dennis

1.  Paul Walker and Cory Monteith died tragically and far too young

2.  Mindy McCready suicided in the same place her boyfriend did.

3.  Manti Te'o was tricked into being in a relationship with someone he thought was a girl.

4.  The Jason Collins story

5.  The Year in Coming Out . . . including Jodie Foster, Michelle Rodriguez, and Clive Davis

6.  Alec Baldwin got a show on MSNBC, then lost it.

7.  Paula Deen admitted to using a very bad word.

8.  New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez charged with murder.

9.  Lance Armstrong smugly admitted he's been doping.

10.  Michael Douglas's Cancer

 11.  They finally locked up Amanda Bynes

 12.  Lindsay Lohan failed to escape 2013 scandal-free

 13.  Reese Witherspoon was arrested for interfering with her husband's DUI arrest

14.  Jimmy Fallon was annointed as Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" successor

15.  Barbara Walters announced her retirement

16.  The Year in TV and Movies . . . including Ben Affleck being chosen as the new Batman

17.  The Jonas Brothers finally broke up

18.  The Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott Weiland and replaced him with Chester Bennington

19.  Craig Morgan jumped off his tour bus to administer CPR at a freeway accident

20.  Jake Owen got into a nasty go kart accident and lost the tip of his finger

21.  The Year in Sexy and Unsexy . . . including Sydney Leathers, Tan Mom, and Farrah Abraham

22.  The Year in oops! moments . . . including Jennifer LawrenceAl Roker, and John Cena

23.  Justin Bieber getting into trouble

24.  Kanye Kardashian Kaos . . . including the birth of North West, Kim & Kanye's "Bound 2" video, and its hilarious parody

25.  Miley Cyrus twerked . . . and the world changed forever


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5 Ways to an Awesome Day!

Real Simple put together a list of five easy tips to make your day awesome. And some of them might surprise you.  An awesome day sounds, well...awesome. I hope you have one! ~Dennis

1.  Eat the same breakfast every morning.  The idea is that your morning is less stressful if your first meal is already decided.  And you're supposed to make it healthy, like oatmeal or an omelet.  Last minute choices tend to be stuff like donuts. 

2.  Savor your morning coffee.  It may sound crazy to slow down when you've got things to do, but experts claim that you should try to ENJOY what you're drinking, instead of mindlessly gulping it down.   

3.  Write out an "ignore" list.  This is pretty much the opposite of a "To Do" list.  Make a list of all the non-essential stuff that you can ignore . . . like emails that you don't need to answer, vacuuming, and anything else that you can postpone. (Sometimes I think I'm on my kids "ignore" list!)

4.  Take some time to zone out.  You're supposed to get to a place where you're not thinking about anything.  But don't make it that complicated.  Just let yourself listen to music, play a game, or watch TV, guilt-free.

5.  When you ask "how are you?", actually listen to the answer.  It's a throw-away question, and we don't really pay attention to what people say in response.  But try to.  It's supposed to lift your spirits, and help you connect.

(Real Simple)

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