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The Five Jobs Where You're Most Likely to Gain Weight

HIGHLIGHTS:  According to a new survey, two out of five people say they've gained weight because of their JOB.  And most say at least 10 pounds.  The two main reasons are stress, and sitting all day.  And the top five jobs where people gain weight are administrative assistants . . . engineers . . . teachers . . . nurses . . . and IT workers.

FULL STORY:  According to a new survey by CareerBuilder, 55% of people say they're overweight . . . and two in five say it's because of their JOB.  

Most say they've gained at least 10 pounds because of their job . . . and one in three people say it's at least 20. 

The main reasons are sitting at a desk all day . . . and eating from stress.  Here are the top five jobs where more than HALF of employees gain weight. 
1.  Administrative assistants . . . like secretaries and receptionists.  69% say they've gained weight at their current job.
2.  Engineers . . . 56%.

3.  Teachers . . . 51%.

4.  Nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants . . . 51%.

5.  IT managers and network engineers . . . 51%. 

And attorneys, machine operators, and scientists also gain weight. 



(PR Newswire)

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Your Kids Probably Know Your Passwords . . . and If They Don't, They Can Figure

According to a new survey, your kids probably know all your passwords and PINs. And if they DON'T, they can probably figure them out.

Eight in 10 kids say they know the passwords for their parents' computers, phones, and tablets.

One in three kids said their parents KNOW they have the passwords, and LET them use their electronic devices . . . but the rest have to get them on their own.

18% of kids say they got the passwords by peeking over their parents' shoulder while they were logging on.

But 12% just try some obvious combinations until they FIGURE IT OUT. One in 10 have even locked their parents' account by guessing wrong too many times.

The survey also found that one in four kids have used their parents' credit card to buy something online without them knowing. They spend an average of $50. One in five said their parents never found out they spent the money.

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Nightmares About Your Relationship Lead to Real Fights the Next Day

HIGHLIGHTS:  If you have a nightmare about your relationship, it can actually lead to REAL fights the next day.  A new study found that people who had bad dreams, like their husband or wife cheating on them, were more likely to have real arguments and feel less INTIMATE the next day.

 FULL STORY:  Has this ever happened to you?  You have a NIGHTMARE about your husband or wife . . . they're cheating on you, they lost the dog, whatever.  Then you wake up and expect an APOLOGY even though nothing actually happened?

A new study at the University of Maryland found that nightmares actually DO cause real problems and fights the next day.

The researchers say, quote, "People's activity changes as a function of the dream they had the night before, specifically in the realm of close relationships."

They found that when someone had a dream where they were JEALOUS, they were more likely to report an argument the next day.  When someone had a dream about cheating, they felt less INTIMATE and LOVING the next day.

There are two theories on why this happens.  One, your dreams are a sign of a deep-seated lack of trust and just push it to the surface a little more.

Or two, your brain is just TESTING you to make sure your relationship is stable, strong, and what you really want. 

Sweet Dreams! ~Dennis

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Alltime Favorite TV Moms

 HIGHLIGHTS:  In honor of Mother's Day, a new poll found that the TV mom we would most like to have had growing up is . . . June Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver".  Meanwhile, making the list at #10 is MICHELLE DUGGAR of "19 Kids and Counting"(???)



FULL STORY:  A new poll by Harris Interactive found that the TV mom Americans would most like to have had growing up is . . . June Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver".  Coming in second was Clair Huxtable from "The Cosby Show".



There aren't any surprising entries on the list . . . until you get to #10, which is MICHELLE DUGGAR from "19 Kids and Counting"(???)



Here's the Top 10:



1.  June Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver" . . . played by Barbara Billingsley


2.  Clair Huxtable from "The Cosby Show" . . . played by Phylicia Rashad


3.  Carol Brady from "The Brady Bunch" . . . played by Florence Henderson


4.  A tie between Marion Cunningham from "Happy Days", who was played by Marion Ross . . . and Donna Stone from "The Donna Reed Show", who of course was played by Donna Reed.



6.  Harriet Nelson from "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet"


7.  Lucy Ricardo from "I Love Lucy" . . . played by Lucille Ball


8.  Samantha Stevens from "Bewitched" . . . played by Elizabeth Montgomery


9.  Roseanne Connor from "Roseanne" . . . played by Roseanne Barr


10.  Michelle Duggar from "19 Kids and Counting"


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The Five Names for Men and Women with the Highest Salaries

HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study figured out the connection between names and salaries, and found that the ideal name is FIVE LETTERS long.  For every letter more than that, it costs you an average of $3,600-a-year.  The women's names with the highest pay are Lynn, Melissa, and Cathy . . . and the men's names with the highest pay are Tom, Rob, and Dale.

FULL STORY:  A career website called The Ladders wanted to find the connection between your NAME and your salary.  So they analyzed the names, jobs, and salaries of almost six million people, and came up with some great conclusions.

First off, there's nothing better for your salary than having a FIVE-LETTER NAME.  In fact, for every letter OVER five, the average salary dropped $3,600.  It leveled off around nine letters . . . at $14,400 less than people with five-letter names.

In other words, if you've got a nickname, you might want to use it professionally.

For example, the study found that Steve, Bill, Debbie, and Chris all have higher salaries than Stephen, William, Deborah, and Christopher.

People with four-letter first names made slightly LESS than people with five-letter names . . . but more than anyone with six-letter names or more.  And people with THREE-letter names made significantly less than four- or five-letter names.

The shorter version of a name also made more than the longer version of the same name in virtually every case.  For example, someone named Sarah with an "h" at the end makes less on average than Sara without the "h."

And check out the five HIGHEST-PAID NAMES for men and women . . .

The five highest paid names for women are Lynn, Melissa, Cathy, Dana, and Christine.

And the five female names most likely to be CEO are Christine, Denise, Cindy, Shannon, and Sarah.

The five highest paid names for MEN are Tom, Rob, Dale, Doug, and Wayne.

And the five male names most likely to be CEO are Bob, Lawrence, Bill, Marc, and Martin.




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