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The Five Most Annoying Double Standards in Relationships

 I think it's safe to say every couple in the world has gotten into a fight over a DOUBLE STANDARD . . . maybe more than one! Do any of these hit home with you and yours? ~Dennis

Here's a list of the five most common double standards in relationships that drive people CRAZY . . .

1.  When you're driving, they have no problem being a backseat driver or telling you what you're doing wrong . . . but when they're driving, you can't say anything.

2.  When you say something mean, you're a bad person.  When they say something mean, you're a bad person for pointing it out, which makes them feel bad.

3.  They hate being interrupted . . . but have no problem constantly interrupting you.

4.  They get mad when you don't want to hang with their friends . . . but they never want to hang out with your friends.

5.  When they spend money on something, somehow there's always a valid reason . . . but when you spend money, no reason seems valid enough.


08/07/2013 2:00PM
The Five Most Annoying Double Standards in Relationships
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