Monopoly Ditches Iconic Thimble in Latest Version; More Changes Still to Come?

By: Joe Hyer

February 16, 2017

After a nationwide poll, it is time to say goodbye to the thimble.

Hasbro, the manufacturer of Monopoly, revealed on Thursday that the thimble will be removed from an upcoming iteration of the game.

Let's be honest does anyone know what a thimble is these days? Does anyone know what it does? Don't millennials only know about thimbles because of Monopoly? 

Hasbro conducted a nationwide poll last month asking fans to pick all eight Monopoly tokens for the game's latest version. Fans were asked to pick from a list that included the game's current tokens as well as new options. The new options included some modern options like a hashtag, an emoji, and a cell phone.

So let's be honest again, doesn't everyone know what a hashtag is? 

But does that mean the other original pieces are safe? Not necessarily. Hasbro said other pieces may still be cut. They will reveal the final list of pieces that will be included in the game on March 19. So here's hoping the Scottie dog survives.

The new version of the game is expected to hit stores in August. Board game sales, by the way, are seeing a revival. CNBC actually reported that sales of games and puzzles grew from $9.3 billion in 2013 to $9.6 billion in 2016.  The increase in sales is actually being led by millennials.