Wet Nose Wednesday: Preston

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September 6, 2017

Every Wednesday at 8:40, the Mike and Mandy show teams up with Woof River Animal Rescue to find a forever home for a homeless dog.  Today our featured pet is PRESTON.

PRESTON was named in honor of one of our long time foster dads.  This particular foster dad is handsome, the nicest guy a person could ever be lucky enough to meet, and getting married this month.  Well, the name couldn’t be more fitting as PRESTON is a total hunk AND the perfect gentleman!

PRESTON takes snuggly cuddle buddy to a whole new level.  This guy will sit at your feet and soak up all the affection you have to offer while giving you gentle kisses.  He is super friendly with everyone he meets…the kind of dog who within 5 minutes of meeting you feel as if you’ve known forever.  PRESTON does wonderfully with both big and small dogs.  He also did well when meeting a cat.  He wants to be friends with everyone, but this good-natured guy will respond to correction from pups that aren’t interested in a new buddy by walking away.

PRESTON arrived to us totally potty trained and has only displayed excellent manners inside the house.  He is 2 years old and about 45 lbs.  He is a fantastic car passenger and would to go any and everywhere with his forever family.  To see him is to love him.  Whoever is lucky enough to adopt PRESTON will have a home filled with happiness and a heart filled with love.



An adoption application can be found by clicking here.

Please email the completed application to kate.woofriver@gmail.com

It typically takes us around 5 BUSINESS DAYS to process an application.  We will reach out to you as soon as your application is processed. Due to the extremely high volume of inquiries we receive, we ask that you request, complete, and submit an application before asking additional questions. We try very hard to include all pertinent information in our bios. We are excited to help you find your new family member. However, Woof River is 100% volunteer operated. We want to spend our time saving dogs and assisting those adopters who have taken the time to complete an application. Thank you for understanding.

For more information on Woof River Animal Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here.

We couldn't do Wet Nose Wednesday without the generous support of our sponsor, Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery.