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What Five Words Make You Sound Stupid?

Want to sound smart?  You don't need to use big words . . . just cut out five shorter words that make you SOUND STUPID.  Three of them are words we misuse to try to make sentences have more impact:  "Actually," "basically," and "literally".  One of them makes us look like everything we've said in the past was dishonest . . . "honestly."  And the fifth one is "like," which we use just like "um."



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It's REALLY important to sound smart today.  Because you need to separate yourself from the people who leave comments on YouTube videos.  That should be your only goal in life.



--According to a website called FirstToKnow, you don't need to use big words to sound smart . . . you just need to cut these five short words out.  Because, quote, "they make you sound stupid."  Here you go . . .



--Actually.  We use it to add an extra "punch" to a sentence . . . but it's only supposed to mean something that's present, or exists in reality.



--Basically.  You should only use it when you're truly simplifying something complicated.  Otherwise it's just another word people use incorrectly to add more punch.



--Honestly.  When you say "honestly," you're subtly implying that everything you've said up to that point has been dishonest or embellished.



--Like.  We all slip this in along with "um" and "uh" WAY too often.



--Literally.  We use "literally" way too much when we REALLY mean "figuratively."  Literally only applies to something that is 100% true and not exaggerated. 




10/23/2012 11:42AM
What Five Words Make You Sound Stupid?
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