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Need a place to watch the Tigers in the NCAA Tourney? Here's a couple of ideas!

All watch parties begin at 6:00 p.m.You might want to go a little early as the Tigers should tipoff around 5:55. Go Tigers! ~Dennis

  *   Downtown Memphis: Alfred's on Beale, 197 Beale St.
  *   East Memphis: Brookhaven Pub & Grill, 695 W. Brookhaven Cir.
  *   Germantown: East End Grill, 7956 Winchester Rd.
  *   Midtown Memphis: Young Avenue Deli, 2119 Young Ave.
  *   Southaven: Fillin' Station Grille, 4840 Venture Dr.
  *   Summer Avenue: Central BBQ, 4375 Summer Ave.
  *   University Area: Newby's, 539 S. Highland St.

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The 10 Music Acts with the Most Expensive Ticket Prices

A financial news website called 247WallSt.com has compiled a list of "The 10 Most Expensive Concert Tickets." The data was pulled from last year. The average price includes the premium paid for purchasing a ticket in the secondary market, not just face value.  These days you need a co-signer to go to a concert! ~Dennis

Here's the list:
1.  The Rolling Stones, with an average ticket price of $624
2.  One Direction, $460
3.  Maroon 5, $364
4.  The Eagles, $354
5.  Justin Timberlake, $339
6.  Roger Waters, $314
7.  A tie between Beyoncé and Fleetwood Mac, at $282
9.  Pink, $270
10.  Paul McCartney / The Beatles, $241


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The Ten Small Things That Matter Most in a Relationship



It's never a bad idea to go BIG on Valentine's Day.  But the rest of the year, it's the little things that count.  According to a new survey, here are the ten SMALL things that matter most in a relationship. How many of these do you do for your partner?

1.  A kiss goodbye before you go to work.

2.  An occasional dinner out.

3.  Randomly saying "I love you."

4.  Having a regular date night.

5.  Romantic weekend getaways.

6.  Going on walks together.

7.  Cooking for the other person.

8.  Giving them a gift for no reason.

9.  Flirty text messages.
10.  Buying them flowers.



(Female First)

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Favorite "Guilty Pleasure" Driving music!

A survey by Insurance.com also asked 2,000 people what they consider to be their "guilty pleasure" to listen to while driving.  In other words, stuff that they SECRETLY LOVE jamming out to in the car. Any of these on your “Secret” list? ~Dennis
Here's the Top 10:
1.  Bruno Mars, 12%
2.  Taylor Swift, 12%
3.  Lady Gaga, 11%
4.  Journey, 9%
5.  Katy Perry, 9%
6.  Coldplay, 8%
7.  Justin Bieber, 7%
8.  Madonna, 6%
9.  NPR (National Public Radio), 6%  (???)
10.  Rush Limbaugh, 5%
An overall breakdown for men and women wasn't provided, but the site notes that the most-popular "write-in" choices for WOMEN were "gospel music" and EMINEM, and the most-popular write-ins for MEN were ADELE and TUPAC.

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Six of the most Stress FREE jobs for the new year

  Most jobs come with SOME stress.  But here's a list of the six professions that are supposedly the LEAST stressful! ~Dennis
1.  University Professor.  Obviously it takes a long time to get there, but once you've gotten tenure . . . you're basically guaranteed that position for life.  The median salary is $62,000 a year.
2.  Medical Lab Technician.  They can work at their own pace, they're away from the annoying problems in your typical office environment, and the median salary is $47,000 a year.
3.  Audiologist.  These are the people who take care of the hearing impaired.  Apparently it's one of the most sought-after careers?  Most audiologists get to run their own practice, and it pays around $66,000 a year.
4.  Dietician.  Since there's a huge demand for diets, there's a lot of job security in this one.  And your clients are a diverse group.  The median salary is $55,000 per year.
5.  Librarian.  You're in a quiet, peaceful environment all day.  And if anybody messes that up . . . you get to "shush" them.  All for $55,000 a year. :)
6.   Drill Press Operator.  If you're going to operate heavy equipment, this is one of the jobs with the least amount of danger.  It pays $32,000 a year.
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The Top 25 Showbiz Stories of 2013

These are the top 25 showbiz storiesof 2013. ~Dennis

1.  Paul Walker and Cory Monteith died tragically and far too young

2.  Mindy McCready suicided in the same place her boyfriend did.

3.  Manti Te'o was tricked into being in a relationship with someone he thought was a girl.

4.  The Jason Collins story

5.  The Year in Coming Out . . . including Jodie Foster, Michelle Rodriguez, and Clive Davis

6.  Alec Baldwin got a show on MSNBC, then lost it.

7.  Paula Deen admitted to using a very bad word.

8.  New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez charged with murder.

9.  Lance Armstrong smugly admitted he's been doping.

10.  Michael Douglas's Cancer

 11.  They finally locked up Amanda Bynes

 12.  Lindsay Lohan failed to escape 2013 scandal-free

 13.  Reese Witherspoon was arrested for interfering with her husband's DUI arrest

14.  Jimmy Fallon was annointed as Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" successor

15.  Barbara Walters announced her retirement

16.  The Year in TV and Movies . . . including Ben Affleck being chosen as the new Batman

17.  The Jonas Brothers finally broke up

18.  The Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott Weiland and replaced him with Chester Bennington

19.  Craig Morgan jumped off his tour bus to administer CPR at a freeway accident

20.  Jake Owen got into a nasty go kart accident and lost the tip of his finger

21.  The Year in Sexy and Unsexy . . . including Sydney Leathers, Tan Mom, and Farrah Abraham

22.  The Year in oops! moments . . . including Jennifer LawrenceAl Roker, and John Cena

23.  Justin Bieber getting into trouble

24.  Kanye Kardashian Kaos . . . including the birth of North West, Kim & Kanye's "Bound 2" video, and its hilarious parody

25.  Miley Cyrus twerked . . . and the world changed forever


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5 Ways to an Awesome Day!

Real Simple put together a list of five easy tips to make your day awesome. And some of them might surprise you.  An awesome day sounds, well...awesome. I hope you have one! ~Dennis

1.  Eat the same breakfast every morning.  The idea is that your morning is less stressful if your first meal is already decided.  And you're supposed to make it healthy, like oatmeal or an omelet.  Last minute choices tend to be stuff like donuts. 

2.  Savor your morning coffee.  It may sound crazy to slow down when you've got things to do, but experts claim that you should try to ENJOY what you're drinking, instead of mindlessly gulping it down.   

3.  Write out an "ignore" list.  This is pretty much the opposite of a "To Do" list.  Make a list of all the non-essential stuff that you can ignore . . . like emails that you don't need to answer, vacuuming, and anything else that you can postpone. (Sometimes I think I'm on my kids "ignore" list!)

4.  Take some time to zone out.  You're supposed to get to a place where you're not thinking about anything.  But don't make it that complicated.  Just let yourself listen to music, play a game, or watch TV, guilt-free.

5.  When you ask "how are you?", actually listen to the answer.  It's a throw-away question, and we don't really pay attention to what people say in response.  But try to.  It's supposed to lift your spirits, and help you connect.

(Real Simple)

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Best and Worst Food to Eat before Bed!

You always hear how you shouldn't eat anything before bed.  But there are some foods that HELP you sleep better, as well as a bunch that make it harder.  Yahoo has a list of the five best and worst foods to eat before bed.  Sweet Dreams1 ~Dennis

Here are the five best:

1.  Cereal and milk.  Obviously sugary cereals are bad.  But a healthy combination of carbohydrates and protein helps your body produce hormones that will help you relax before bed.

2.  Passion fruit.  You can eat the raw fruit, or drink passion fruit juice or tea.  It contains a chemical called somniferum, which helps bring on sleep.

3.  Bananas.  They have a lot of magnesium, which is a muscle relaxant.  And the potassium can also help regulate sleep patterns.

4.  Cherry juice.  It has extremely high levels of melatonin, a chemical in the brain that helps you relax.  A recent study in a journal of nutrition found that people who drank two glasses of cherry juice a day slept an average of 39 minutes longer than usual.

5.  Warm milk.  This one might have more to do with the fact that it's warm, as opposed to any chemicals in the milk.  So non-caffeinated tea would work just as well, if you don't load it up with sugar.

And here are the five WORST:

1.  High-protein foods.  Too much protein will just give you a lot of energy, and keep you awake longer.  Sleep experts recommend high-carb snacks under 200 calories instead.

2.  Alcohol.  A lot of people get sleepy when they drink.  But it won't last.  You'll tend to wake up earlier and sleep less deeply all night.

3.  Fatty foods.  These can cause heartburn or upset stomach after you lie down. 

 4.  Spicy foods.  Sometimes you can have NIGHTMARES after eating spicy foods. 

And one study also found that people who ate spicy foods before bed tended to have higher body temperatures in the first part of the night, which caused them to wake up more.

5.  Caffeine.  Obviously caffeine is bad before you go to sleep.  But some people don't know that it keeps working for up to ten hours. 

So if you're serious about getting a good night's sleep, you have to avoid caffeine pretty much from lunch until bedtime. :(



(Yahoo! Shine)

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Elton John on Live! Kelly & Michael

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Prices for "Breaking Bad" Auction Items

An auction of HUNDREDS of items from "Breaking Bad" has ended, and some things went for big money. Wow! ~Dennis

Here are a few highlights:

BRYAN CRANSTON'S character Walter White was shown in his underwear many times, but the pair of tighty-whiteys he wore in the pilot episode brought in $9,900.  (The auction does not specify whether or not they've been CLEANED.)  (???)

Walt's copy of the book "Leaves of Grass" went for $65,500.

Hector Salamanca's bell went for $26,750 . . . two versions of the pink teddy bear went for more than $20,000 each . . . Tuco's grill went for $20,250 . . . Jesse's Hello Kitty phone brought in $4,600 . . . and Jesse's HAZMAT suit went for $3,100.

(You can browse through all the items at ScreenBid.com.)

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