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Here's a few tips on how to enjoy some old fashioned- summertime-FUN!!

Prep the ice. The night before your lemonade stand prepare ice cubes with fresh mint leaves, basil or diced fruit. Place the desired item in your ice cube tray andfill it with water and lemon juice. As the ice cubes melt in the lemonade they will lend more flavor without watering the drink down.
2) Garnish. Slice up lemons, limes and oranges for garnish ahead of time. Let customers choose which garnish they'd prefer. Also, use a colorful straw in each lemonade you serve.
3) Signage. Use sidewalk chalk to create a colorful sign to attract customers. If you're serving more than one type of beverage, create cute tags to label each putch or dispenser.
4) Keep a portable cooler nearby. Store extra ice and beverages in your cooler to avoid running back inside for refills.
5) Have a calculator handy. Keep a calculator and a variety of change ready in case a customer shows up with a ten or 20-dollar bill. Keep a tip jar on the table to encourage tipping.
6) Have a dog bowl of water handy. A fresh bowl of water on a hot day is a great way to attract neighborhood dogs out on their walks, and of course your neighbors.
7) Provide shade. Use an outdoor umbrella and make sure everyone selling lemonade is wearing sunscreen. Don't forget the lawn chairs!

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