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New Facebook Feature!

Shun Your Fake Facebook Friends with This New Feature Finally, Facebook is helping users create a list of real friends inside their official friends list. There's no need to share everything with everyone, after all. But watch out, because people will know when they're downgraded to your D-list. Throughout the next week, Facebook will create empty lists of "close friends," "acquaintances" and "restricted" buddies for everyone, according to the Facebook blog. Read more: thanks Gawker!
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New Facebook Feature!

You now have the power the end the unhappy surprise of logging onto Facebook and seeing that you've been tagged in an embarrassing or unflattering photo. As it stands now, friends can tag you in a photo without your consent or knowledge, and even though you can remove it, that could happen after lots of other people have already seen a photo of you you'd rather they hadn't. However, Facebook announced Tuesday (August 23rd) that users will now be able to require pre-approval for them to be tagged in photos, as well as for written posts that others tag them in. Users will also have the option of pre-approving what others tag on their own photos and posts. Facebook said that the change was made in response to requests from users, with pre-approving photo tags being the most requested. The changes start going into effect Thursday. So, till then.. either, keep a paper bag over your head, or just Behave!!
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